Synoptic Project – Yellow Ventilator


The next asset I created was the ventilator unit and fans, a model which was part of my original storyboards / play-boards.  The model continues to use the designated yellow colour, whilst incorporating splashes of black and red for interest.

The model itself was inspired by machinery found in the Channel Tunnel and is display in the below image.

Image result for channel tunnel door

For this model, I shared it into two separate UV maps where the main body of the vent is on one and the ventilator fans and fan covers are on another.  This allowed me to have a higher texture resolution on the fans if the team wish to re-use this part of the asset elsewhere and to a greater scale.

As you will be able to tell from the image below, I have a number of extra edge loops running round the cylinders of the vent.  These were added to improve the quality of the normal map bake on those areas and I have forgotten to remove.  However, these can be removed easily and will not effect any of the mesh or textures I apply to it.

Low Polygon



High Polygon


Final Textures – Main Body



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