Synoptic Project – Tunnel Steps Section



The next asset was important in joining the additional corridor which branches off from the main circular tunnel.  I had to ensure that the asset followed the curvature of the tunnel, whilst also being high enough to attach to the square corridor which leads to the maintenance room.

When designing the asset I wanted a continuation of the concrete panels which make up the tunnel walls, therefore I used the existing high polygon asset from that project to ensure that the panels match up.  I also re-used the textures for the concrete and metal used in previous assets to make sure there was no notable difference and to ensure a consistent art style. Furthermore, still continuing to see the agreed colour palette  from the beginning of the project.

I again decided to split the asset between two UV maps, one for the pipe/s and valve and one for the rest of the architectural piece.  This allows for more texture resolution to be used by quite a large asset, whilst also allowing the team to re-use the pipe as a separate asset in varying sizes elsewhere if required.

This piece is another favourite of mine, alongside my red ventilation power box.  I feel I can see an improvement in my texturing skills and like the way all the colours seem to work in harmony with one another.  Again, like previous assets, I have included a lot of the surface details within my high polygon mesh which allowed for quicker and more unique texturing.  However, the ridges on the step have been added later using a height map which has later been combined in the normal map.

My final process and textures are displayed below.

Low Polygon Model


High Polygon Model



Final textures – Main Body

tunnelstep_low_01 - Default_BaseColortunnelstep_low_01 - Default_Normaltunnelstep_low_01 - Default_OcclusionRoughnessMetallic

Final Textures – Pipe with Valve

tunnelstep_low_02 - Default_BaseColortunnelstep_low_02 - Default_Normaltunnelstep_low_02 - Default_OcclusionRoughnessMetallic


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