Synoptic Project – Maintenance Room Door




My final model is the doorway which will provide entrance to the maintenance room section of the level.  The door frame has been modeled to precise measurements to ensure it fits perfectly in the space left by the wall created by Cameron.  The door itself is a separate mesh to allow for rotation at the hinge to allow the player to interact with it like a regular door.  Additionally, I have created a separate mesh for the door lock, which also rotates 90 degrees, with the upwards position signifying the door is locked and vice-versa.

Within the texture, I have also created emissive maps for red and green lights situated below the lock to further suggest whether the door is locked (red) or open (green).  Finally, I have modeled in a speaker need the handle of the door which is intended for a “buzz” sound to play when the door is open. Further providing clues to the player.

This texture also contains an alpha or opacity map for the circular window.  Once in Unreal Engine 4, the alpha map will need to be applied to make the relevant texture transparent.

Upon closer inspection, when the door swings open it slightly clips through the mesh of the door frame.  However, this is such a small amount and at a speed which is not noticable to the player.  Although, it is now something I am aware of when creating doors / doorways and this knowledge will aid me in the future.

My low and high polygon models, along with final textures are displayed below.

Low Polygon Model


High Polygon Model


Final Textures – Door

doorandframe_01 - Default_BaseColordoorandframe_01 - Default_Normaldoorandframe_01 - Default_OcclusionRoughnessMetallic

Final Textures – Door Frame

doorandframe_02 - Default_BaseColordoorandframe_02 - Default_Normaldoorandframe_02 - Default_OcclusionRoughnessMetallic


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