Synoptic Project – Level Update and Progression





This is the final update of our synoptic project environment and I feel it has made a drastic change since the last update.  The majority of myself and my team mates assets have been added to the scene which has altered the overall look hugely.

In my last post I was worried with how bland it looked, however I was optimistic that with the addition with our colourful assets the scene would start to liven up.  I feel I was right to be optimistic!  As the “Art Director / Lead” I am starting to become happy with the final look and feel the team have followed the art direction that I set.

There is massive room for improvement in how interactive the level is, however considering we are a team filled with artists, it is somewhat understandable.  Although, we are now concentrating on improving the game-play and art has took a backseat until our final show.  I hope to have an update on that before I leave the college.

Looking at the environment from a critical standpoint, in my opinion the maintenance room does not look as visually appealing as the tunnel and corridor.  I think this is down to they way the lighting is set up and may need adjusting to match the level of other areas.  Hopefully, we can also amend this before the final show.

Overall, I have got to be pleased on how the level has came together and has exceeded my expectations.  I have learned a vast amount during this project which will stand me in good stead in the future.


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