Synoptic Project – Level Build (Update)


The above images show the latest build within Unreal Engine 4, which shows a great improvement from the previous build update.  However, I have been absent due to illness and the seen currently holds a minimal amount of my assets.  I currently feel the scene appears very bland and requires an injection of colour and texture to help liven up the environment.  I am optimistic once I return to college and add my assets to the scene that the scene will continue to improve.

My favourite part of the scene currently is the dim lighting and feel the environment suits this, adding an eery and claustrophobic feel.  Also, the addition of vents which blow steam into the tunnel injects a bit of life and movement into the level. I must also comment on Kyle’s pipes which have been added to the scene, running directly down the tunnel.  They suit the scene perfectly and help draw the players eye down the tunnel, almost making the tunnel feel longer.

I feel confident that you will see I vast change and improvement in the next level update, once my and other team members additional assets have been built into the environment.


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