Synoptic Project – Cylindrical Girder


To go with the tunnel wall asset and texture which I created previously, I wanted to create a circular girder section which help break up the tunnel to remove repetitiveness.  The bright yellow colour adds interest within the tunnel area, whilst also providing me an option to hide texture seams.  The girder also looks like it adds strength to the tunnel wall, which further helps the scene appear believable to the player.

The textures used continue to adhere to the agreed colour palette, with yellow, black and red all present within the asset.  The mesh itself also matches the cylinder of the tunnel wall asset, allowing it to snap seamlessly together.

I had initial problems with the asset as my first iteration was to low poly and was very noticeable when we trialed it within Unreal Engine 4.  I decided to increase the poly count generously and it result in a much cleaner looking asset.

Low Polygon


High Polygon


Final Textures

tunnel_girder_low_01 - Default_BaseColor

tunnel_girder_low_01 - Default_Normal

tunnel_girder_low_01 - Default_OcclusionRoughnessMetallic


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