Synoptic Project – Tunnel Walls (Material and Mesh)

As discussed in my previous post, I have been investing a lot of time in the tunnel wall asset and texture.  These walls will take up a vast amount of space within our scene and I wanted to use them to add a lot of interest within our environment.

Related image

I used the above image as my main inspiration when designed my walls.  I wanted to make the tunnel believable, therefore researched into images of how tunnels are constructed.  I really liked how the tunnels were built using multiple concrete panels and how they had  almost science fiction appearance which would fit perfectly within our art style.


Looking closely at its construction, it was made up of repeating patterns of concrete slabs, therefore I chose a smaller section to model.  This would then allow me to clone and rotate it multiple times to complete the tunnel.  Numerous nuts and bolts (coloured blue) and plaques (coloured red) were added as separate meshes to baked down as part of the normal map.


As discussed, the sections were rotated into position to complete the shape of the tunnel.  At this stage I was extremely please at how it was looking and how closely it resembled the reference image.  The next stage was to bake this high poly mesh onto a relatively low polygon cylinder.

Once baked and textured, my final material is displayed below.  I have a slight seam which is visible where the texture meets, however the seam is situated below the  metal walkway and will not be visible by the player.



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