Synoptic Project – Prototype Model

Before getting into the bulk of the project, I wanted to create a test asset to see how future models may appear.  If it turned out well, I wanted to use it as example for the rest of the team members to follow to help aid in achieving  a consistent art style.

I began with creating the low polygon mesh using 3DS max, starting with the basic shape of what I wanted to create.  I had trouble with the cylindrical ring where it switches from 24 steps on the outer edge, and transfers into 48 steps on the inner edge.  The inner edge originally had 24 steps, however this looked too low poly for my liking and did not leave the silhouette I required.


I then began all the secondary details and any other minor details till I was happy with its appearance.  Next, I started to subdivide the mesh, adjusting any topology which was leaving any unsightly errors on the surface.  Once happy that there was sufficient polygons to allow me to sculpt any further details, especially on the cut rocks which make up the outer ring, I then exported it in to Zbrush.


I decided to only concentrate on the concrete blocks which circle around the tunnel entrance.  I wanted to soften the edge of the geometry and add imperfection suchs as chips / cracks to give a greater appearance of rock.  The final results are shown below.


Overall, I was really pleased with the overall look of the asset so far.  I was happy with the sculpting of the rocks, however I may need to add some extra geometry into the low polygon version before baking to compensate for some of the more extreme chips.  Once complete, the next step will be to UV unwrap the low polygon version in preparation for baking and texture.  As discussed at the beginning, I now intend to use this model as an example to the rest of my project team mates.






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