Synoptic Project – First Level Build

At this point we have our first initial build of the level within Unreal Engine 4.  Whilst it does not look particularly visually appealing, it gives our team a chance to see how the scale feels and whether it is correct.  It also provides us a chance to see what looks good within the scene and what we need to work on further to reach the standards we are aiming for.

Cameron and I worked on the measurements for the walkway (4 meters long) to ensure they snapped together in a modular fashion.  This allowed us to build the level quickly and precisely with no overlapping faces which can cause lighting problems.  I am slightly concerned how boring the scene looks currently with an abundance of grey on the screen.  I feel we need to inject more colour and contrast to add more interest, with the intention to do so as the project progresses.

It has became evident to me that the tunnel walls are going to take up a vast majority of the scene and should be a surface that is very interesting to the player, whilst also being completed to a high quality.  I am going to dedicate a lot of my time over the coming days on this asset / texture and provide an update in my next blog post.


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