Synoptic Project – Finalised Mood-board and Colour Palette

Following our teams session of searching and collecting images which matched their vision for the project we began to get an understanding of how we wanted the scene to appear.


The first images which drew our attention was the warning tape.  The colours of yellow and black are very reminiscent  of a factory environment and immediately gives and asset or scene an industrial feel.  This is further enforced by wide array of caution and warning signs which could potentially be used in the scene. As a result, I decided to use this as the base for our colour scheme.


I wanted to use a colour which contrasted well with the yellow to add points of interest within the scene.  Red is another colour commonly seen within an industrial location and often is used as a sign or warning or danger.  I aim to use this colour sparingly to break up the yellow and black and to draw the attention of the player.  The colour also opens up a number of options of real-life warning signs which could be modeled and placed in the seen to give a sense of realism and make it believable .

Image result for metal banner

Finally, looking at our reference photos I began to notice a lot of concrete and metal which appear as various shades of grey.  I was skeptical of using a lot of grey in the scene as I think it may make the scene appear boring and bland.  However, using the contrasting colours of yellow and red, I feel the grey will allow the colours to “pop” upon it if used correctly.  Also, metal tends to rust which holds a lot of red colour which further ties it within my chosen colour scheme.


My finalised colour scheme for the team is shown above, consisting reds, yellows, white, greys and blacks.  I feel these colours will instantly give an industrial feel to the scene whilst also giving our teams artists enough flexibility to create assets that are exciting to the viewer.

The creation of this swatch allows our team members to create assets which work in harmony with each other, therefore resulting in a consistent art style.  Hopefully, this will also allow for quicker asset creation as team members no longer have to worry about the colours to use by working to given guidelines.



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