Synoptic Project – Asset List

Myself and team member Cameron sat down to create the initial asset list for out project.  While I collated and listed the assets we required, Cameron began creating a spreadsheet within Google Documents.  We chose to use Google Documents as it allowed all our team members to access and amend to document when and where required.

To start, the first column contains the team member the asset is allocated to.  This allows us to easily see who is responsible for the model and to stop any other team member from creating the same item.  It also allows us to contact the correct person if there any issues further on in the process or when the asset is completed.

Then we have a list of asset names which clear state and describe each individual model (along with any variations), followed by its type, whether it be scenery, prop or architectural.  Next, we have the zone it belongs to.  We decided add a zone column as each mini location of the environment has a slightly different appearance to add variety.  This  notifies the artist which art style to follow for each section of the scene.

As we wanted the majority of assets to be created using a high to low polygon workflow, we included a  drop-down box for whether the normal map had been baked down.  This is then followed by whether the asset has been fully textured, therefore finished.  The final column indicates if the asset has been tested and confirmed within Unreal, as issues may occur once loaded within the Engine.

Finally, although not displayed currently in the asset list, I want to add a quality assurance column to ensure each asset is tested by a team member to further reduce the risk of errors.


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