Synoptic Project – Pre-Visualisation


Next, we decided to begin blocking out our scene with early stages of models we had already began creating.  I suggested that when creating any re-usable assets such as wall sections and walk-ways, we model them in a modular fashion.  This meant creating assets to precise measurements to allow for easy snapping when building the level in Unreal Engine.

As you can see from the image above, we initially went for a large scale room with the aim of giving the viewer a sense of awe when traversing the level.  However, it became apparent that completing something of this scale to a high quality may be difficult within the time-frame.  We then decided to condense the scene into a smaller space, concentrating on one of the circular corridors which branched from the main room (pictured below).


Using the modular assets we had already been creating, allowed us to block out a smaller scene quickly and efficiently.  The smaller environment would allow us more time to create more decorative and unique assets to help make the level believable and interesting to the audience.

I continued to build and edit the scene, experimenting with different lay-outs till I was happy.  A selection of pre-visualisation photos and screen-shots are displayed below.






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