Synoptic Project – Moodboard / Reference Images

In continuation from my previous post, I began pulling together reference images for a moodboard for the rest of the team to follow.

The first element I want to concentrate on is an actually steel making factory, looking closely at the equipment and machinery used within.

Steel Factory Images


The first thing that strikes us is the main materials found with the factory, Metal and Concrete.  Before starting the project, we had an idea that we wanted to use an abundance of steel and iron machinery and framework set upon Brutalist style concrete architecture  to create a strong and imposing environment.  Everything is man-made and angular, with no natural or organic shapes in sight.


Next, Cameron had an idea of introducing circular shaped tunnels branching off front the main room, taking inspiration from a scene from Alien 3.  These sewer like tunnels will give an extra Sci-Fi feel to the environment.

Tunnel Images

Again, I like the simple concrete curved slabs forming the shape of the tunnels, with the metal framework creating sections of interest.  The inclusion of metal frames into our environment would provide a sense of it being believable and structurally sound.  These tunnels would also provide us with a smaller space to condense our environment into, if our initial plans of a large scene would be beyond our time constraints. I also like the addition of such thing as pipes, vents and wires which would provide further assets to our scene.

Image result for 80's sci fi art bladerunner

Additionally, I wanted to gain inspiration from science fiction films and artwork from the 80’s era.  This would provide us with an idea of shapes involved in Sci-Fi architecture, whilst also giving us suggestions of colour palettes we may want to adhere to when texturing.

80’s Science Fiction Inspiration

I love the idea of the inclusion of 80’s style art and adverts in our environment to provide the viewer with a visual clue to when the scene is set.  I would also like to see this art and colour transition over into  the environment itself,  providing “pops” of over saturated colour into the scene to help make it more visually appealing.  I feel it would provide a nice contrast upon the more “boring” concrete and metal textures to help liven up the space.

Final Thoughts

I am really pleased with the variety of reference images I have gathered for our project.  However, whilst there is wide selection, the next step is to begin selecting our favorite ideas and images for our final moodboard.  This moodboard will then provide us with our final vision of our project and a visual target for the whole team to aim towards.

I also intend to begin finalising a colour palette / swatch to aid us in maintaining a consistent art style when creating our assets.


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