Synoptic Project – 80’s inspired Steelworks / Factory

The Project

As a group, we have selected Cameron’s idea of producing an explorable 3D environment inspired by the local Steel Industry located in Teesside.  The scene is to be heavily influenced by 80’s Sci-Fi in connection with the locally born Ridley Scott, the director behind 80’s classics such as Alien and Blade Runner.

The Location / Setting

As mentioned above, the scene we intend to create is based on the Steel Industry found in the local area and across the country.  Whilst being influenced by 80’s Sci-Fi and the Alien Film series, we also want to maintain the appearance and many elements of real-life factories.  This will hopefully make the environment more recognisable to the viewer.

The following concept images were created by our Project Lead Cameron as part of his presentation pitch.


Group Organisation and Assigning Job Roles

As a group, we have all been assigned roles, whether it be 3D Artist / Modellers, Programmers, Art Director, Production Lead, Director etc.  I have been allocated as a Lead 3D Artist and aim to produce numerous 3D assets to help build and fully-realise the scene.  As the lead Artist, I intend to produce an Art Brief as a set of guidelines for other artists to follow when creating their assets.  This will include elements such as reference images, mood-boards, example assets and colour swatches.  This will ensure the art style will remain consistent throughout the project, whilst hopefully speeding up asset creation.

Furthermore, I intend to create an Asset List on a spreadsheet for the rest of the team to follow.  This will provide a visual to the rest of the team of the assets required for creation, who is creating them and when they have been completed.  This in conjunction will regular team meetings, should ensure the project stays of track till completion.

Asset Creation

Team members are to make use of and follow the asset list as mentioned above.  This checklist should ensure team members always have something to work on until the project is completed.  This is also our lifeline, as if team members are ever unable to attend, they will always have something to work on.

We will also look to add a form of quality assurance to our workflow, to make sure each asset is created correctly and in-keeping with the art style.  However, we have to take into consideration that each team member has varying degrees of knowledge and skill in 3D modelling and creation.  Therefore, the team will often have to offer help and advice if other team members are struggling.

Our director, Cameron, also wants to make use of a high to low poly workflow when creating our assets.  Whilst this will produce high quality and detailed assets suited to our realistic art-style, it can also be time consuming and will have to be factored in.


Overall, I am happy with the group and project I have been assigned in.  The environment selected provides a lot of room for imagination and creativity and is something slightly out of my comfort zone as I usually prefer creating assets closer to real-life.  I have slight reservations over the intended scale and size of the environment and feel we may have to think about ways of condensing this down into a smaller space to allow us to push more on the quality of the project, rather than the quantity.

I intend to create a Moodboard and collate numerous reference images as part of my next post.


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