Personal Project – Nintendo Zapper Model

The Project

Earlier in the year I spoke about my Nintendo “Zapper” Light Gun 3D model which I had been creating.  This post is to outline my final results I achieved and the processes I used.

Low Polygon Model

The low polygon model consists of three separate meshes: the main body, the trigger and jagged detailed upon the top of the barrel.  I have purposely provided more dense geometry the the rear of the model, especially in the handle due to the curvature, but also due to the fact that it would be close the camera if used in a first-person view.  The trigger has also been left as a separate mesh to allow for animation, if need be.


High Polygon Model

The high poly mesh has again, been separated into components which make up the gun.  The handle has been adapted so that it has the grip upon it, which will provide nice details when baking out the normal map.  The entire model also has a separating ridge / line running around it to give the appearance of moulded plastic which has been stuck together in pieces.  Finally, screws have been added as floating geometry within the allocated holes, to also be baked upon the normal map.

UV Layouts



The above shows the final layouts for my UV’s over multiple maps.  Again, I am very happy with the positioned of my UV islands, making best used of the space available. I initially had the handle UV islands with grip detailing combined as one, however this caused unsightly stretching on my textures.  I decided to split the texture in two, with the seam being cleverly hidden by the normal map detailing which runs around the entire model, mentioned above.

Overall, I am really happy with the texturing.  However, I feel I may find myself revisiting this model in the future to add more minor details such as grime and damages in the future.

Final Model



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