British Pillar Post Box – 3D Model

We have been tasked to produce a 3D asset which consists of high to low poly modelling techniques.  With this in mind, I decided to try and link this in with our upcoming synoptic project, where I aim to reproduce as 1900’s town scene, using inspiration from the local Beamish Museum.  I wanted to produce something which was iconically British and finally came to the idea of a Royal Mail pillar post box.


I starting gathering reference images of my chosen subject, ensuring I had visuals from various angles and zoom.  I also made sure I got reference of any fonts, mouldings and detailing that may also be found on the surface of the post box.


Above shows the first images I collated.  Whilst they look great at a glance,  I then realised that as this is to be set in the 1900’s. the design and monarch would have to match the period.  After some research, I could either use a post box with Queen Victorias or King Edward VII’s emblem.  I decided to use King Edwards Insignia out of personal preference, with Queen Victoria’s symbol being a little simple for my liking.


I then begin to collect new images using this new found information.  The above image shows various King Edward VII postboxes and symbols.  However, it then became apparent that there were numerous designs of post box and I had to decide which one I was going to model.


I finally decided on the above design, a post box with a double band located at the top.  The design also contains mouldings in the shape of the Kings Insignia and a crown, which will be interesting details to include with the use of normal maps.

Base Mesh

I began to model the basic shape of the post box following the references I gathered.  As the model is cylindrical, I used existing topology when creating the frame and lock located on the front of the model, to ensure they both follow the same curvature as the surface of the postbox.


Although it looks simple at a first glance, the post box is completely to scale.  It is made slightly more complicated with the inclusion of the interior of the post box.  Furthermore, having the door separate allows for it to be animated.




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