Norse Desert – Thumbnail Ideas


For Tonys lesson, I had the idea of combining Norse mythology / vikings with a desert environment.  I thought it would be interesting to take the Vikings out of the environment normally associated with them and place them into a place at the complete other end of the spectrum.

I have never been particularly comfortable with digital painting and design, only due the the fact that I have never practiced or learned how to do it in the past.  Therefore, I wanted to start with something fairly simple, using number tones of grey to achieve the main silhouettes and concentrating on each images composition. Using numerous layers, I started applying the tones of grey from lightest to darkest to create the illusion of depth.

Although I was only able to manage 3 images, I was happy with each.  They look incredibly simple and heavily stylised, however I feel the silhouettes I have achieved are enough to distinguish what is happening in the scene. These thumbnails allowed me to work quickly and try various settings / compositions before committing to my final piece.   I will continue to work on more thumbnails, with the intention a picking my favourite to further polish and detail.


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