High to Low Poly – Mallet Model (Back-Dated)

Just a quick post to show a high to low polygon mallet I created really early in the year.  The model itself was re-created to real-life dimensions / scale, and there has the identical wear and tear. The model has also got my initials engraved on the handle, just a little extra touch to show the model was created by me.


The final collated texture consists of a diffuse, roughness / glossiness and normal map which is displayed above.    I especially like the wear on the handle where use over time has worn away the varnish to show the underlying wood.  Also, the addition of paint drippings and build-up at the crevices which helps build a story behind where the mallet has been placed in the past.

I like to view this model to see where I have progress over the year, however it also reminds me that even the more simple meshes can look just as good as something more complex, or over complicated.


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