Future Technologies Essay – Physical Based Rendering

In this post I will start to discuss my ideas in preparation for my final essay.

As part of Tony’s lesson we are to complete an essay on technology of our choice which we feel will be prominent in the industry in the coming years.  The first examples which people commonly think of is the introduction of virtual and augmented reality headsets which offer us completely new experiences in mediums such as films and games.

However, I want to talk more about the rise of physical based rendering for texturing, now one of the most common texturing methods in games, animation and visual effects for recreating more realistic scenes and models.  I will aim to answer / discuss the following questions on Physical Based Rendering:

  • What is Physical Based Rendering (PBR)?
  • When is Physical Based Rendering most practically and commonly used?
  • How does workflow differ when texturing using PBR compared to traditional texturing methods?  Further investigating their differences and similarities.
  • Talk about the misconception that PBR is only used for realistic scenes and can be used to create stylised art.
  • Examples of games, animation and film that have used PBR, including studios Naughty  Dog and Ready at Dawn on the games Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886, respectively.
  • Provide examples of Physical Based Rendering texturing software including Substance Designer, Substance Painter, Quixel and 3D Coat.  Furthermore talking about the companies which developed said software.
  • Possible talk about game engines which make use of physical based rendering, including Unreal Engine.  Further research into other Engines or Rendering software which works well with PBR.
  • The importance of lighting and the way in which it is set up to get the best use of PBR.
  • The effect on computation when using PBR compared to traditional texturing methods.

The above displays a selection of questions and topics I want to research in preparation for my final essay.  No doubt further questions will arise as I continue to read into it.  I will post regular updates on the matter in the upcoming days.


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