Bakelite Phone – Part 2 (WIP)

The next stage of my bakelite phone model was to add the metal clip detail to the dial.  Following reference photos I was able to replicate its shape and position on the dial, including additional minor details such as the indentation.

I then began to model the handset, starting with the two ear pieces to ensure the model was to scale and fit precisely into the telephone base without any clipping.  The main problem I had was trying to match the shape of the mouth-piece as it extrudes in a curved shape, whilst also tapering inwards to a smaller circle.  I overcame this problem by extruding the face directly downwards and scaled it in to produce the tapered shape.  I then added multiple edge-loops, then manually rotated and re-positioned to produce the curved shape.  The updated model is displayed at the top of the screen.

The next step is to add a handle which bridges between the two meshes, however due to the moulded shape and appearance, I had trouble recreating this using 3Ds Max to a satisfactory standard.  As a result, I will now model the handle using 3D sculpting software, which my choice being ZBrush.

This stage will be updated in an upcoming post.


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