Sketching – Continued.


As promised, I continued to practice my pencil sketching with some satisfying results.  I wanted to further play with perspective, with both 2-point and 3-point perspective which is shown in the second image.

I concentrated on ruins as this may progress into my “imagined worlds” project as part of the course and will help me visualise how they would look if recreated as a 3D scene.

I am beginning to become happy with my understanding of perspective and how it effects my drawings, however feel my use of shading could be better.  I want to improve my use of light and dark, highlights and shadows to achieve more dynamism and contrast in the sketches.

That being said, I feel you can slowly see improvement in the quality of pieces I am producing and I hope to continue to progress, with my concentration on line quality, texture and shading in the near future.


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