Story-Boarding – 2D Sketching Practice

Today I returned to practicing my 2D sketching, especially perspective in environments and landscapes.  Mostly using 2-point perspective, this helped me produce the two sketches shown above.

Whilst I like the sketches I have produced, I am still not overly pleased with quality of the drawings.  They were produced in a fairly short amount of time, however I still feel I rushed at certain times and  it shows in the sketches, with it looking a bit “scribbley” and rough.

I have often threatened to return to drawing in the past to help me improve, and lately I have finally been making time to draw again.  As a result, I can feel myself improving little by little each time, but I am still not satisfied (and probably never will be!).

I will be posting sketches / drawings more regularly in the future, and hopefully you will see my skills and overall quality develop.  Making sure to spend more time on my drawings and not rush to completion.


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