Final Triangulated Model and Smoothing Groups

The next stage of my low-poly version of the Light Gun model was preparing it to be exported as an FBX file, ready for high-poly mesh normal baking, texturing and use in a game engine if need be.

When exporting as an FBX, there is normally an option for triangulation to applied to the mesh automatically, however I did not like the way the software was trying to apply this upon certain areas, therefore I did this manually where I needed to.  Also, as the model was a “hard-surface model”, I did not require it to deform and did not need to be split into quads evenly.

The image shown above displays the final triangulated mesh of the low-poly model.  The back faces of the handle of the gun has quite a high number of polygons in comparison to the rest of the model and could easily have edge loops removed if this needed to be lowered.  However, as it is situated to the rear of the model, it would be seen quite close up if used for such games as first person shooters and gives the model a nice rounded / smooth appearance.

Finally, I adjusted the smoothing groups so that it matched each individual UV island as this helps any distortion and artifacts appearing at the corners / edges of the mesh when baking out normal maps using a High-Poly mesh.


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