Light Gun – High Poly

render 3.jpg

The next step of my personal “Light Gun” project was to create a high detail, therefore high poly, version of the model that would be used for normal baking.  The high poly mesh would essentially be projected upon the low poly mesh, giving the illusion that it is higher detailed than it actually is.  This process is more commonly used in the games industry and game art to produce models better optimised assets that put less strain on the game engine.


Using the low poly as a base, I began to add support loops to strengthen edges where required.  As seen above, I had some slight nipping around the edges of the circular cut outs of the body, however this did not leave any distortion or artifacts and would not effect the final bake.  The below article I read in the past, gave me an insightful tip.”

Topology of the high-poly does not matter as long as it bakes and renders well.”

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Next I created screws that I decided to bake in as part of the texture to save on further polygons.  The normal map will give them sufficient depth.  As the screw would only be visible from above, I only required the screw head as shown above.

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I had difficulty incorporating the grip detail into the handle mesh so decided to create a piece of floating geometry which would be cast upon the surface of the handle to give the same effect.  I used the cut tool to slice a section of the handle which matched the shape of the detail, this ensured to grip detail followed the curvature of the handle and would help produce a cleaner bake.


I final bit of detail I added was text that would be embossed onto the surface of the body of the light-gun. I used to the text tool to type the desired message and selected a font which best matched the reference image – in this case, Arial.  I then turned the resulting text into an editable polygon, selected all faces and extruded them outwards to the desired depth.  Lastly, I chamfered all the top facing edges to make them appear more rounded.



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