Storyboard Session

ABOVE – “Quick Story-Board produced in class”

Today we were given an introduction to story-boarding and the drawing process / techniques used to produce them.  Story-boards are through the creative industry, most commonly in pre-production to provide an insight in to how envisage each scene, shot or frame will appear.

As story-boards are only used to provide a visual clue, your drawings do not have to be incredibly detailed or be drawn with great skill.  They only require to have enough visual detail to set the scene,  the camera angle and how the shot is framed.  Notes can be added to add further instruction to each story-board image to fill in any missed details.

I was given a brief of producing a story board set in an Egyptian desert, where 3 travelers are approaching and ancient pyramid sight at dusk.  While quick and rough, I feel the quick sketch I produced sets the scene sufficiently, including all the main details such as the wide angle camera, the three travelers, the location and the time in which it is set.




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