Light Beam Concepts

In support of the “Drawing a Line” project, I jumped into Adobe Photoshop and began to mock up some concept images of how I may want the Light Beam emitted from the gun to appear.


The colour to be used for the majority of the gun would be a vivid shade of orange, therefore I purposely chose colours which would harmonize well with it.  I picked a tetradic colour palette (double complimentary) as it offers more colour variety for me to experiment with.


I started off with the shade of blue as it was directly complimentary of the orange used in the gun and would leave me with the a nice contrast to the image or scene.  The beam has a more vivid white center to give an impression of intense light, whilst also providing a stronger line to make it more suitable for the brief.  I added further interest with an outer glow with slight noise to give the idea of dust particles, further more using a scattered brush to add light particles circling the beam.


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