“Light Gun” – 3D Model (WIP)


Following on from the blog post above, I prepared to model the light-gun using 3D studio Max.  Firstly, by gathering reference images and diagrams of the real-life object (along side the concept sketches I created).

I would use these images as a visual guide when re-creating the gun, purposely gathering photos from various angles to allow me to see 360 degrees around the object.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once in 3DS max, I created a plane (snapped to grid) in the same dimensions as my chosen image that I will use as a guide.  I began blocking out the basic shape of the gun, using simple shapes such as cylinders and boxes, whilst using the line / spline tool for more complex shapes such as the handle and gun body.


I then extruded the basic shapes to the desired thickness, till it started to resemble the basic shape of the gun. At this point, I was not worrying about the topology of the majority of the model as I could add connecting lines at a later point when required.


As mentioned above, I began connecting the mesh using the connect tool, making sure there was edges created where shape would need to bend or deform.


I also used the chamfer tool on the highlight vertex in order to create this triangular shape to match that of the reference image. Make sure to connect any multiple sides shape, which I realise I have not in the above image!


To achieve the tapered shape, instead of using the taper modifier, I  applied the “FFD 2x2x2” modifier which essentially creates a box lattice around the selected meshes and allowing to manipulate and scale the mesh via control points.  That in mind, I selected the control points required and scaled them inwards as shown above.


For the handle, I used the chamfer tool to create the more rounded shape at the expense of extra polygons.  If I feel this is too many, I can always return and remove any edge loops if required.  Also, to produce the more pointed shape nearer the top I had to manipulate and transform a selection of vertices along the “X” axis.


As for the opposite side of the handle, I used the same method however, I was not happy with the final shape as it did not quite match or look correct.  I noticed that the face of the handle began to taper of towards the guns trigger, therefore applied an extra chamfer in addition to a target weld to create the above shape.  I was much happier with this, whilst also maintaining quads in the meantime.


Lastly, I began to add the extra detail as shown.  The model is still a work in progress, where I need to returned and add connecting lines and edge loops, especially on the handle.  I also aim to attached a number of components together to make a more singular mesh which may be aided by the use of booleans and re-connecting edges.

All in all, I am really happy with the overall shape of the model and feels it perfectly resembles that shown in the reference images.  I cant wait to progress more and finish this project completely.


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