“Drawing a Line”

Above shows my concept sketch of a Light-Gun firing a beam of light.

As a group, we have been tasked with “drawing a line” using any techniques, software or method we desire.

My idea comes from the Nintendo Entertainment System and its Light Gun, or “Zapper” as it was named. The line would be created by a beam of light which would be emitted from the nozzle of the gun when directed at a computer screen or CRT display.

My intention is to link this brief into a separate project which was set to us by our other tutor.  This was to produce a 3D model, keeping track and presenting a step-by-step guide of the processes used to reach the final model.  My chosen model is the Nintendo “Zapper” as discussed above.

Once complete, the will export the final mesh into a 3D game engine such as Unity or Unreal Engine 4 to add an effect such as particles or volumetric lighting to help create a beam of light when the gun is triggered.  Alternatively, I may use the model in a still render and further edit this using photo editing software such as Photoshop.  The final option is to use the final model as a guide when over-painting, to create a digitally painted 2D composition, also within Photoshop.


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