Year Goal – Environment / Asset 3D Artist


The above shows the impressive work of Environment Artist David Budlong from the game The Order 1886 whilst working at Ready at Dawn.  David now works at Naughty Dog Studios, producing highly detailed worlds and environments for games such as Uncharted 4: A Thieves End (below).


These images show the quality of art and work  I wish to aim to produce in the future as a asset / environment artist.  However, it also displays how much I need to increase my knowledge and skills in specific areas to achieve this.

The above shows only one example of a plethora of talents within the industry.  I have linked numerous more artists and their work below.

Edgar Martinez – Naughty Dog

Nate Stephens – Santa Monica

Anthony Vitale – Ready at Dawn

Jacob Norris – Insomniac / Konami / Sucker Punch / Naughty Dog

The Year Ahead and Beyond

blog1.pngI aim to hone my skills towards 3D Environment and Asset art and modelling, firstly using software such as 3DS Max and Maya.  Whilst I feel really comfortable in 3DS Max, I wish to use Maya more often so I am proficient in both to allow me to identify each software’s strengths and weaknesses and use them to my advantage. Furthermore, producing more complex detail and meshes using sculpting software such as ZBrush and Mudbox which can be baked onto lower, re-topologised meshes using normal maps in software such as Crazy Bump and Substance Painter.

In addition, I want to improve my traditional and digital painting (Adobe Photoshop) to produce concept art to support any 3D environment and assets I create.  This also includes topics including anatomy and life drawing.

This is just a selection of topics and skills I aim to work on and improve from now into the future in order to produce industry standard of work, whilst also pieces I would be proud to show of in my personal portfolio.


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