Personal Analysis – Action Plan

The first action I would be to learn 3D sculpting software including Zbrush and Mudbox as they seem to be the requirements within the industry.  This software would further improve my 3D art and modelling skills, allowing me to create more complex and interesting meshes.

I also want to further improve my 2D art skills by attending life drawing classes in the future and by simply drawing more  throughout my free time.

In the ideal world, I would like to get into the industry as soon as possible and learn on the job, whether it be an apprenticeship or voluntary work.  This seems to be quite difficult however, due to my age and may need to further my education at university.

If I were to go to university, I would require to be located fairly close to where I live due to other commitments.  This  brings Teeside University into the frame, a leading university for the games and visual effects industry, and within a 30 minute commute from where I live.

Looking into the courses they offer, I have found one which seems to tick most boxes for the skills required for a 3D artist.

BA (Hons) Computer Games Art (Teeside)

The popularity of computer games shows no signs of slowing down with the regular release of new sophisticated and innovative products – many are developed in the UK. The appeal of games has also broadened with the increasing popularity of exercise and educational releases. Smartphone apps are also another growth area. We help you develop your artistic skills and explore specialised areas including

  • 3D character modelling
  • environment modelling
  • vehicular modelling
  • basic real-time animation
  • 3D effects

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