VFX Industry – VFX Supervisor

Job Description / Responsibilities

The VFX Supervisor will  be responsible determining which parts of production will require visual effects and making sure live action footage is filmed correctly on set for the team to achieve this successfully.  They will need to negotiate with the production company how feasible the VFX work requested is and the budget it will require to achieve this.

As a VFX supervisor you will be responsible for leading a large team of talented artists through the process until the final VFX shots are completed.

Qualifications / Requirements

A VFX supervisor will be required to have a suitable qualification which proves their competency and ability in visual effects, including skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and maths.

As they are often negotiating with other areas and people, it is important to have strong communication skills while also being knowledgeable, friendly, easy to approach / work with whilst being able to argue a case and to have a keen eye for detail to maintain the quality of the final product.

It is highly important for the candidate to be comfortable and highly skill in industry standard compositing and VFX software such as Maya, Cinema 4D or Nuke.


According http://www.televisual.com, the average salary for VFX Supervisor within the UK is approximately £85,000+ per year.


Examples of Job Adverts

Double Negative – VFX Supervisor





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