VFX Industry – Technical Director

Job Description / Responsibilities

A Technical Director can be seen as a job which may cover a broad range of expertise and disciplines.  TD’s must be both scientists and artists, usually creating a running simulations / programs to create the effects required by the films director.  They often specialise in one area, such as hair / fur simulation.

Technical Directors will require strong programming / coding skills to write scripts to generate the effects they require. This will further experimentation  until they achieve the desire result.

This job role is responsible for making things impossible to animate by hand, easy to create for artists later in the pipeline.

Qualifications / Requirements

Technical Director are renowned for being both artists and scientists, therefore they typically hold degrees in Computer Sciences or Art and Design.

It is often difficult to prove yourself as a Technical Director, as a result they usually have a specialised / niche area which they do better then all else which they can show off to prospective employers.

It is useful to have experience as a 3D artist before taking the step up, being able to use up to date industry standard software such as Maya, 3DS Max or Houdini and a showreel / portfolio which proves this.  They also require to have strong knowledge of the relevant programming languages.


According to http://www.glassdoor.co.uk, the average salary for a Technical Director working for Framestore within the UK is around £54,000 annually.


Examples of Job Adverts

The following shows an example job adverts for a Technical Director within the UK.

Double Negative – Lead Generalist TD




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