VFX Industry – Producer

Job Description / Responsibilities

The Producer effectively manages the whole project.  The role of a Visual Effects Producer is to ensure the project is continually progressing efficiently, keeping to deadlines and maintaining quality to produce work of a high standard.  They are also responsible for the projects finances, making sure stays within the budget allocated.

Qualifications / Requirements

Being a Producer is a very senior position and will normally require a relevant degree in computer animation or design.  To gain this position the applicant will usually have a long history within the industry, whilst having strong leadership skills and being well organised.  A keen eye for detail is a must, spotting problems before they occur to help ensure the project stays within budget.  It is extremely important to meet deadlines so strong time-keeping skills are a MUST.


According to http://www.televisual.com/, the average salary for a VFX Producers in the UK is around £40,000 per year.


Examples of Job Adverts

The following shows example job adverts for VFX Producers within the UK.

Double Negative – VFX Producer




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