VFX Industry – VFX Runner

Job Description / Responsibilities

A runner should not be under-estimated and is an integral part of any studio, whether you are relaying messages between departments, gathering much need resources or making cups of tea / coffee.

It is often seen as a “foot in the door” sort of job, where you find yourself initially making sure that the atmosphere in the work place remains positive whilst continuing to be efficient and operational.

This job allows the employee the benefit of working in a VFX studio, providing opportunity to gain knowledge of the artistry involved from experienced colleagues.  A runner will be provided plenty of opportunity to show what they can do and impress, to allow them to progress higher within the company.

Qualifications / Requirements

Runners will often have a degree in a subject relevant to VFX, however it is not a requirement to being one as you will do a lot of learning on the job.


According to http://www.prospects.ac.uk, the salary for a Runner in the UK is the following:

Although starting salaries vary depending on the size of the company, pay is low and there is little reason for it to increase as competition for paid runner positions is fierce. Average starting salaries can range from approximately £6.50 to £8.80 per hour. Some employers may pay more than this, depending on your skills and experience.”

Examples of Job Adverts

The following shows example job adverts for Runners within the UK.

Framestore – VFX Runner




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