VFX Industry – Roto Artist

Job Description / Responsibilities

A Roto Artist will be responsible for tracing (rotoscoping) around areas of any live action footage where computer graphics will require to overlap / interact with any live elements within the frames.  As a result, they will create clear areas known as mattes, to allow all additional elements of a frame or scene to be layered upon or behind it by a Compositor.

Rotoscoping is usually the first skill required by Compositors and remains a responsibility within the Compositor’s role. On smaller projects, Compositors are known to do their own rotoscoping.

Qualifications / Requirements

Roto Artists are often helped by having a degree in an art-related subject, such as animation, design, illustration, painting, drawing or computer animation.  However, it is possible to achieve this job role by having gained experience such as a Runner, as long as you can provide a detailed portfolio demonstrating the necessary talent and skills used as a Roto Artist.

Knowledge of up-to-date industry standard software packages such as NUKE, Houdini and After Effects will help greatly.


According the http://www.glassdoor.co.uk, a Roto Artist working for a company such as Double Negative in London earns around £20,000 per annum.


Examples of Job Adverts

The following shows example job adverts for Roto Artists within the UK.

Double Negative – Roto Artist




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