VFX Industry – Match Move Artist

Job Description / Responsibilities

Match Move Artists are mainly responsible of imitating the camera movements in live action footage and match any of these movements in 3D software.

The artists achieve this by placing tracking points on recorded shots, using these new points as co-ordinates in the 3D software available.  This information allows them to accurately render computer generated elements in any live action sequences to create a convincing final composition.

Depending on the production house, Match Move Artists will be working use industry standard software such as Maya, Shake or one of several 3D tracking programmes including 3D Equalizer, Maya Live or Boujou.

Qualifications / Requirements

To become a Match Move Artist, the applicant will  usually need to have  a degree in a 3D discipline, such as computer graphics or animation.  However, like numerous jobs within the VFX industry, you may be able to become a Match Move Artist by have the relevant experience through such jobs as a Runner.

Following this route would require you to have a portfolio that demonstrated you had the relevant skills and experience. Whilst also having knowledge of up-to-date industry standard software as mention above.


According to http://www.glassdoor.co.uk, the average salary for a Match Move Artist working for Double Negative in London is around £21,000 per year.


Examples of Job Adverts

The following shows examples of job adverts for Match Move Artists within the VFX Industry.

Double Negative Vancouver – Matchmover




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