VFX Industry – Lighting Technical Director

Job Description / Responsibilities

The lighting technical director main responsibilities are to ensure the lighting, colour balance and atmosphere / mood are consistent through a shot, scene or sequence.  This lighting helps all computer-generated creations and imagery look believable and photo-realistic when in combination with all live action footage.  The lighting technical director adds meticulously placed lighting that helps create atmosphere, realism, tone and depth to a scene.

Qualifications / Requirements

People interest in being a lighting technical day director will be desired to have a combination of arts and maths qualifications.  Furthermore, most often you will require a degree in computer graphics / science, whilst also any additional disciplines including art-related subjects, photography, computer animation, maths or physics will looked at favorably.

Lighting directors will usually have a strong sense of light and shadow demonstrated by artwork, photography, theatre, film or CG work, with the addition of the knowledge of colour theory and art history.  It is helpful to have an understanding of composition and the ability to create mood using various lighting.  Lastly, keeping up to date with industry standard software and techniques including software such as Maya and 3DS Max.


According the http://www.glassdoor.co.uk, Lighting Technical Directors at Double Negative UK, earn on average around £50,000 per year.



Examples of Job Adverts

Double Negative Vancouver – Lighting TD




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