Personal SWOT Analysis


My characteristics according to

As part of the NextGen course, I have been asked to produce a personal analysis on myself, covering the characteristics, skills and experiences I currently possess.  I have completed a selection of online personality tests to provide an example of my current way of thinking, whilst to also breakdown examples of my strengths and weaknesses.

Using the Myers-Briggs personality test and terminology , I would describe myself as the following:


  • Described as reserved and private.
  • Prefer a slower place to allow for time for contemplation
  • Like to think things through in my head
  • I would prefer to observe rather than be center of attention


  • Focus on the reality of how things actually are
  • Focus attention on concrete details and facts
  • Prefer to have ideas that have practical applications
  • Describe things in a specific and literal way


  • Make decisions in an impersonal way, using logical reasoning
  • Value justice and fairness
  • Enjoy looking for flaws in an argument
  • I am reasonable and level-headed


  • Prefer to have matters settled
  • I think rules and deadlines should be respected
  • Prefer to work to detailed, step-by-step instructions
  • I like to make plans and know exactly what I am getting in to

As a whole I am described as responsible, sincere, analytical, reserved, realistic and systematic.  I am hard-working and trustworthy with sound practical judgement.

The additional personality tests I carried out seem to agree with the above characteristics and I tend to agree with the majority of it.

To further my self analysis, I began thinking about my what I feel are my own strengths and weaknesses, things that make me stand out from others in the crowd.

Strengths / Advantages

  • First of all, being within the first batch of students in the UK to be part of the NextGen course could be attractive to potential employers / further eduction.
  • I find it easy to get on with other people, making working together as a team and communication a particular strength.
  • Self motivated and pro-active by always striving to improve and learn in my own time.
  • Being older than fellow students, I feel I have a more mature way of thinking whilst also making me more determined to reach goals as time is not on my side.
  • 7-8 years of work experience working for banks and financial companies including Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingley and UK Asset Resolution.

Weaknesses / Disadvantages

  • As well as being an advantage, my age can also be considered a disadvantage.  The majority of fellow students are younger and have more time to learn and develop, with the possibility of people of a similar age having much more relevant experience than myself.
  • I often find it difficult to churn out ideas quickly and on the spot as I much prefer to have an abundance of planning before committing to a project.
  • I find myself observing large group conversations and meetings and often need to provoked to input.  This is due to my shy and reserved “outer shell” which improves over time when I get more comfortable in my surroundings.
  • I am quite a laid-back and relaxed person which is often mistaken as lazy or slow, meaning I often have to keep an eye on my habits and body language to maintain a professional appearance.


  • I currently have access to numerous industry standard software including 3DS Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Premier Pro and the upcoming NUKE next year.  All of which I feel very comfortable and confident using.
  • Being a member of the NextGen course with numerous friends and teachers to offer my help and advice to help improve my work.
  • Have a member in the family within the industry, working for Rocksteady Studios in London who is always available for advice if needed.
  • Particularly strong in 3D Studio Max, 3D modelling software which I find myself using and learning more than others.
  • I find myself working harder than other people a necessity because being older than my peers, I feel time isn’t on my side.
  • Have strong knowledge of the games and visual effects industries, a subject I have been interested in from a young age.


  • Having a job and working most days when not in education is currently eating away at the time I have in my spare time to progress my knowledge.
  • Again, my age, time is not on my side and I want to break into the industry as soon as possible and progress as quickly as possible.
  • Wanting to learn more advanced techniques and trying to find a teacher / tutorials able or willing to teach me.


Other Examples of  Completed Personality Tests

A selection of other tests I completed displayed below tend to agree and support the self analysis above.




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