VFX Industry – Layout Artist

Job Description / Responsibilities

The main responsibility of a layout artist is to analyse and transform 2D artwork or storyboards into 3D shots.  They decide how the sequence is going to be framed, from staging, to planning where the action will take place within a scene.  They must have an understanding of every component of the sequence which will require animating and ensure that the scene is set up correctly to support it.

Qualifications / Requirements

To become a layout artist within the VFX industry, it is desirable for the applicant to have a degree in an art-related subject or a film / VFX specialised course.  It is advised that you have an interest and knowledge and film in combination with artistic talent.

As within most jobs within the VFX industry, it is important to stay up-to-date with current industry standard software, including 3D packages like 3DS Max, Maya and Mudbox.

It is also recommended to be competent in maths and physics.


Whilst I could not located an average salary for a layout artist, I have found a number of job adverts which disclose a payment amount.




Examples of Job Adverts

The following is a list of example VFX layout artist job adverts for positions within the UK, Canada and America.

Pixar – Layout Artist



Double Negative – Layout TD




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