VFX Industry – Digital Preparation Artist

Job Description / Responsibilities

A  digital preparation artist must have a keen eye for detail, detecting any mistakes and removing them from view, leaving any work invisible.  The artist would regularly have to remove markers, wires and rigging by digitally painting from initial shots before being passed along the pipeline.   Occasionally images will need to be restored too, as a result of damage caused by scratches and dust.

Qualifications / Requirements

Digital Preparation Artists most likely require to have completed a VFX undergraduate or postgraduate course, whilst many enter the industry as a Runner to be trained on the job.  However, any qualifications, experience and skills in art, computer science, physics and maths are also very desirable.  Additionally, artists with knowledge and experience in using up-to-date software such as NUKE will be looked at favorably as this is the industry standard for any clean-up, compositing and finishing work.


There are numerous permanent contracts available within the UK, including Framestore and Double Negative, whilst these companies also offer freelance and contractor work.  I was unable to find an average salary for a paint / prep artist within the UK.

The only example salary I could locate was on glassdoor.com for a paint / prep artist at Framestore London as a contractor, which worked out around £23000.


Examples of Job Adverts

The following is a list of example digital preparation artist job adverts for positions within the UK.

The Embassy – Prep / Roto Artist


Roto/Prep Artist

Method Studios – Roto / Prep Artist




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