VFX Industry – Concept Artist

Job Description / Responsibilities

The majority of concept artists start work at the beginning of pre-production, which can be early as six months before filming is due to begin.

A concept artist within the VFX industry would be responsible for creating artwork, the majority with relevant computer software, in line with a Production Lead’s vision to help convey their idea to the rest of the company and team.  The artist must be adaptable, being able to produce accurate and clear images even when changes are made any time during production.

Qualifications / Requirements

Whilst there is no required training or qualifications to become a concept artist, it is desirable to have interests, experience and skills in the following.

  • Drawing, painting and fine art skills
  • Have an interest in design, architecture and film
  • Be able to conceptualise ideas
  • Able to visualise 3D space and perspective

It is highly important for any concept artist to stay up-to-date with all graphic editing and illustration software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.  Whilst also keeping an eye on any up and coming software in an ever changing industry.


According to Indeed.com, the average nation salary within the United Kingdom for a compositor is £35,100, whilst freelance artist may vary.  A concept artist can earn additional income for any secondary or follow-up artwork they produce.

Whilst there are number a permanent positions for concept artists, a large portion work as freelance.

Examples of Job Adverts

The following is a list of example VFX Concept Artist job adverts for positions within the UK.

Framestore – Concept Artist



Double Negative – Concept Artist






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