My Bedroom – Unreal Environment

I wanted to re-visit the Unreal Game Engine, this time to re-create my bedroom at home.  I have seen numerous videos online displaying how Unreal can be used to create near photo-realistic environments, giving me the inspiration to progress with this side project.

Examples of Unreal Environments

First Steps

Firstly I intended to measure out the walls of my bedroom to get its dimensions, however I was unable to locate a tape measure at the time.  As a result, over Sunday afternoon I began to model many of the main furniture which takes up the bulk of the space of my room instead.  I was able to create nine models in the time, further evidence that the speed in which I model is improving, also being more precise which is shown by my good edge flow in my topology (which I will display below).

Models / Assets

Television Storage


Bed-Frame w/ Under-Bed Storage

Bedroom Door

Chest of Drawers (Large / Small)

Desk w/ Side Table


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