Life Drawing – Human Poses

I feel one of my weakness is drawing the human body, especially when posing or in awkward positions.  To improve this I aim to begin sketching whenever I can in my spare time, concentrating on the human anatomy.

Figure Drawing Practice

I found this particularly helpful website (above), which contains a vast library of figures and gestures to be used as inspiration and reference. Also, providing you with a number of options for you to adjust to your personal requirements.


Furthermore, it also allows you to choose the amount of time per gesture, ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes.  For my first attempts, I chose to alternate between five minutes and ten minutes per pose, and I aim to improve on these times throughout the future.  Three of my drawings are displayed below.


For my first attempts in a long time, I was quite happy with my final sketches.  I need to loosen up the way a draw, to enable the pencil lines to become for fluid but also improve the speed in which I work.  The website also provides and number of tips and techniques which I will read in to and apply to my own processes.  The final thing I want to research and improve is the proportion of the human anatomy and how to ensure this is applied within my drawings.


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