Life Drawing – Bear Sketch

As part of continuing to work on my life drawing skills, I decided to draw a bear, concentrating on the anatomy of animals and their muscle groups.  I began by lightly sketching out three circles (head, upper body and lower body), breaking the animal into simple shapes and allowing me to concentration on its proportion.  Using these shapes as a guide, I started to sketch out the overall shape of the bear upon it, breaking the body into smaller forms and muscle groups.  Once complete, pressing more firmly upon the paper, I applied the smaller details of the bear including fur, facial features and claws.

The final sketch is shown below:


With the lesson coming to a close, I decided to quickly scan the image to further edit it with Adobe Photoshop.  I adjusted the levels to darken the shades of black and grey, whilst also lightening the whites to remove any signs of mistakes and smudges. Finally, cropping the image to the desired sized.

Bear Scan.png

Lastly, I coloured the image using a single shade of brown using the brush tool as layer upon it.  I decided to use a single colour, as the greys and blacks would effect the shades of the brown I placed upon once I adjusted the blending options.  I wanted to retain all my pencil lines to keep the hand drawn look, whilst I also felt it gave the drawing character.  The final image is shown below, with the blending option set to “hard light“.

Bear Scan colour2.png

Whilst I don’t quite like the appearance of the front-left paw, as I feel it looks less details and rough compared to the other paws, I was pleased with the final sketch.  I feel I have greater understanding of the anatomy of a bear and animals in general, including the smaller forms and muscle groups which make up this.  As mentioned in earlier posts, I have not realised how much I have missed drawing, a subject which I do not do enough, and have made it my intention to continue with the practice in the future.



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