VFX Sequence – Story Boards / Pre – Visualisation

Continuing on from our decision for our VFX sequence, as a team we discussed potential back stories and plots for the scene.


A topical subject at the college at the moment is the importance of having and wearing your lanyard around the premises due to security reasons, with increased consequences if your were to forget it numerous times.  As a team, we thought it would be humorous to base the scene around this, whilst having the potential to incorporate the VFX which we had discussed earlier.

(High-speed running and environmental destruction whilst running through a wall)

Storyboards / Shot Locations


I sketched out a storyboard to allow the team to visualise how the scene would map out, also providing example camera angles which may may want to use.  Overall, I was pleased with the quick storyboard produced as it displayed the sequence clearly and showed where the VFX would occur, whilst also maintaining the comedy feel.

Megan and I then started gathering photographs of potential shot locations around the college, giving us an idea of environments and camera angles.  We then began tying these images in with the storyboard to give us further understand of how the scene would be recorded and constructed.


For this particular shot, we wanted to use a wide-angle shot of the actor running the entire span, whilst also weaving between columns.  We found two locations which would offer us the perfect shot we desired.  However, we could not get the camera angle we required using the the structural columns due to obstacles in our way, therefore we decided to use the lamp-posts for this scene.

Also, for when the actor appears to run through to wall we want him / her to seem they have ran outside, whilst in real-life they would end up in the college toilets.  The above camera-angle and shot would provide the perfect image to display behind the wall destruction as it also gives continuation between shots leading up to the actor weaving between the lights shown.

Pre-Visualisation Build using Maya

Whilst we were compiling this, Sam was creating a pre-visualistion build within Maya. A low quality mock-up of our VFX sequence, environment and camera angles to provide us with a simple understanding on how the scene will look in a 3D space.


Pre-visualistion builds are often used in the film industry today, allowing them test ideas and display it to the audience to get an idea of how the scene will be built and look.  The build itself is not reminiscent of the quality in the final product.


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