Sunderland Software City Visit

Myself and the team (Cameron, Alan, Finley, Callum and Kyle) who helped create our game “Motherland” in a past project, were kindly invited to present and talk to a number of individuals currently out of work or education.  The invitation was given by our tutor, Matty, where he intended to talk about the course and what it entails followed by a presentation of “Motherland” from ourselves.


From the moment we entered and were greeted at Software City, we were made to feel comfortable which helped settle any nerves we had. Matty began talking to attendees and it became evident that there were two people who were showing particular interest in the Next Gen course, which was great!


I have to give credit to Cameron Dowse (, who took it upon himself to present the game solo to those in attendance, allowing the rest of the team members to input if needed.  Whilst we had some rendering issues when attempting to project the game via a laptop,  Motherland was well received by those viewing it which was very self gratifying.

For me personally, it was nice to talk to people in attendance as they are in a similar position I was in before joining the Next Gen course.  One particular man was worried about his age and feeling “too old” for the course, the same anxiety that I had which almost stopped me from signing up.  I answered using my personal experience of the course and the enjoyment it gives me, how welcoming both the students and staff have been and more simply, how he is never too old if he enjoys it.  Hopefully my advice helped to settle any qualms he had, or any other individuals looking to join the course.

Lastly, I would like to thank Software City and Matty for the invitation to the event and look forward to seeing the two potential recruits in the near future.



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