Our own VFX Sequence – Group Work


Last week, we were allocated new groups in preparation for the Visual Effects portion of the course. Our tutor Matty then tasked our teams to discuss ideas for an around 45 second VFX sequence. We had to also take into consideration that the camera had to remain static and contain no form of tracking, whilst also remaining within our current skill limitations to ensure the sequence is achievable.

Ideas / Concepts

During our meeting I wrote down notes on any ideas other individuals came up with, whilst also trying to encourage the quieter team members to input.  A selection of concepts we cam up with are:

A Ghostbusters like sequence including numerous paranormal activities such as floating or moving objects, ghostly figures and the inclusion of proton guns with brightly colour bullet / rays.

A borrowers style sequence were the main actor in the scene is shrunk down to minuscule proportions any moving around a normal sized environments.  Also, has the possibility to interact with with life-sized objects or actor.


A sequence where the main actor in the scene has super-power like speed, moving incredibly fast throughout the environments.  We thought it be interesting to see how speed and gusts of wind as result of speed effects the environments with ideas such as dust trails, character super-power like trail and objects moving / reacting to the actors speed.

A Scott Pilgrim style beat-em-up fight scene with exaggerated and comic-like visuals.  Has the potential of environmental destruction / deformation and brightly coloured graphical overlays which  would be exciting to look at.

Team Vote and Final Choice

We then voted between the above choices with the Flash-like extreme sequence coming out the winner. Whilst I am happy with the choice, I am also a little apprehensive as I am not sure what is achievable with our current skill set.

The main design challenges which we will need to overcome are:

  • Getting the actor to appear to moving through the scene quickly
  • Incorporating a dust or light trail behind the actor whilst he moves through the sequence.
  • If there is a light trail, how this reflects and interacts with the environments around it.
  • If the character interacts with the environment, ensuring the object reacts realistically and believably.

I feel these are a number of components we will need to concentrate on and achieve in order for the sequence to be successful.


As a team, we started to compile reference images as inspiration to how each individual member feels the sequence should appear.  From these images we will discuss as a group which designs and ideas we want to incorporate and which we wish to discard.  This will ensure the team has all input into the final design and provided there opinions. Finally, providing us with a mood-board for the team to follow, making sure we are all on the same wavelength of the appearance of the sequence.


As a team I feel we have worked really well and feel we are finally showing signs of communication between individuals starting to improve.  Every team member has input to the project in some form or another, providing opinions and suggestions which help add the the project.

Our next step is to start stream-lining our mood-board into a more refined selection to provide a clear view of what we want to achieve.  Also, dividing the group into two teams to start design story-boards, whilst the other start provide concept art to further add to the vision.

I am still worried whether many aspects of what we want to achieve are going to be too challenging and will have to further discuss this with team member and our tutor.


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