Life Drawing – Quick Introduction

Before the Christmas Holidays, our tutor Matty gave us a brief introduction drawing, more precisely life drawing.

Straight in at the deep end, a member of our class was to stand at the front of the room, then we were given 30 seconds to 1 minute to sketch them.  Although fun, I have always been quite slow and considered when drawing and this completely took me out of comfort zone with the concentration on speed.

This is an example of the sketches that I produced within the time-limit:


Within a short time limit, it was evident that the drawings were not going to be detailed and I tried to concentrate on the models shape and posture. To be honest, I was fairly displeased with some of the drawings I produced, although people were able to recognise each person from their silhouette. I realised that this was an area I was going to have to work on in the future, especially the speed in which I work.

From this point, I have started and will continue to keep all sketches that I produce as a point of reference to gauge my improvement across the course.  I will look into tutorials, courses and demonstrations of life drawing in the future to help me develop further.  This is definitely an area I enjoy, especially when I was younger when I was always interested in art, a subject which I sat at GCSE and was scheduled to learn at A – Level. Sadly, over the years I have been out of practice and hope to pick up where I left off.


Over the Christmas Period, my mother was kind enough to get me a magazine teaching fundamental art techniques, including life drawing.


One particular article talks about breaking individual body parts into simple base forms such as cylinders, boxes and spheres.  Further building on this, by combining these 3D shapes in to more complex compound forms.

It also talks about identifying key landmarks, corners, overlaps and intersections to provide clues to where forms begin, end and change direction.


Using these tips and skills in the future should help improve my life drawing, and the speed in which I sketch in the future.  I will provide updates on this progression in upcoming posts.


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