Futuristic Apartment Bedroom – 3D Modelling

Following on from my previous post on creating a futuristic bed, I have continued to create models for the apartment bedroom.


Using skills I learned and described in the above post, I was able to create a number of assets for our unreal environment.


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The drawers continue in a style very similar to the bed, more precisely using the base of the bed as inspiration.  The model itself is a simple box shape with chamfered top corners to give a rounded look, furthermore using a number of insets and extrusions to create the handles and extra detailing on the top face.

Corner Wardrobe

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Following the curved theme, I produced a corner wardrobe. This model differed slightly from previous creations as it had a concave face, rather than convex.

Before creating this model, I researched into the recommended dimensions of wardrobes, taking note of the usual height, depth and length.  Transferring these measurements has became very simple for me as I always model using real- world measurements (cm) to ensure everything is the the correct scale.

I toyed with the idea of creating the doors using a separate mesh to allow for more freedom of their positioning (open / closed), or even animating them at a later stage to allow the player to open and close them at will.  I chose the stick to a model with a single mesh as I did not require an interaction with the object, however I may return to this in the future once I learn more animating skills.

Corner Shelves (Modular)

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The intention was to create the corner wardrobe with shelves attached to it, however I decided to create the shelves separately to allow me to choose which side of the wardrobe the shelves would be situated.  Also, it gives me the freedom to use the shelves elsewhere in a modular fashion.

The main thing I needed to concentrate on when creating the model was to ensure the depth matched that of the wardrobe to allow for easy positioning and clean lines.

Computer Desk

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I wanted to create a futuristic style corner desk and began gathering some reference images as inspiration.

I then came across the following desk, a style which drew my attention as it was in-keeping with the designs of my other assets and had an extremely interesting shape.


Using this as the basis of my design, I modeled half of the desk. Once this was created, I duplicated and rotated it 90 degrees, positioning it at a right-angle of the existing corner. I then bridged the gap to complete the corner shape of the desk.

To finish to model, I then chamfered the internal corner where the chair would be positioned to give the final rounded shape. Also, I selected the front faces, inset and minus extruded to provide extra detail similar to the reference image (Shown Below).


I aim to create a matching chair in the future, using the same techniques as above to achieve this.


Apartment Bedroom

Using a number of the above models, I began mapping out the apartment bedroom within 3DS Max, whilst using a 6 foot biped for scale.

Initial Design:

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Improved Design:

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