Lifting Barricade – 3D Model

Last week I created a number of extra models for our group game, one of which being a lifting barricade model. After assembling a number of reference images, I stumbled upon this image which I wish to base it upon.

The model itself was fairly simple, starting with a “box” shape for the main body of the barricade. Using a number of insets, extrusions, bevels and chamfers, I created half the model. As the object is symmetrical, this allowed me to use the “mirror” modifier on the “y” axis, creating a flipped copy to complete the model once welded.  Using this modifier ensures the model is precise and maintains its clean topology, whilst also saving time.

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I then began to UV Unwrap the model, this time thinking about where I want the seams of the texture to be and stitching the UV together based on this.  This also allows me to determine where a texture will wrap round an edge and will ensure the texture tiles correctly. My final UV is shown below.


This is in fact my second draft of this UV template, as the first attempt had lots of empty space and did not utilise the full resolution available. This meant my model would have less sharp textures, meaning less detail. My final attempt was scaled up to fill the space, also prioritising parts of the model more visible to the player.


The above images shows the final textures for my barricade. Assembled in Adobe Photoshop, the layers include images sourced from a royalty free image site and my own “painting” using methods such as the “brush” and “healing” tools to provide extra details such as dirt and grime. Also, using the blending options to provide shadows and various overlaying filters.

The final model is displayed below, once the texture was applied.

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